A Plan for You


1. Turn the act of sex into a toy. This is how they will grow to become a plague for their planet.


2. Make them to love Violence. This is how they will kill each other with maximum cruelty and suffering.


3. Make them to worship compulsive consumption. This is how they will exploit, pollute and destroy their own planet.


4. Make them believe and frighten them with plenty of projected fears. This is how they will isolate themselves and close their cage from the inside.


5. Use electronic media to tempt them and infect them with violence, cruelty, sexual perversion, vanity, pride, gluttony, avarice, fear, division and hate. This is how we will get their children faster and sooner.


6. Make them to be selfish and to seek for their personal interests first and last. This is how we will avoid they get together to evade their self destruction.


7. This “civilization” will be protected by the individuals themselves. They will protect it with their lives. When the final days arrive they will kill each other for not loosing the little they have or for  the right to have access to whatever is left.


8. In the final days they will love their “way of life” more than themselves. This is how I will detach billions of them out the structure of the LIGHT and SLOWLY devour what is left of them for ONE FULL ETERNITY.


9. Nobody will force them. I will be tempt them and they will come willingly. They will march happily to their final personal-dark-space-time {a place called the Nothing} singing joyfully: “Better to rule in hell than to serve in Paradise”.


-The Corruptor Puppeteer {Black Hole Up There. Devourer of the Light of Consciousness}


Om Shanti







Enlightenment is NOT to reach out to attain a FOREIGN Light.


Enlightenment is to EVICT that which obstructs, deflects and devours your LIGHT.






Then YOU STAY there




OR not... your CHOICE


The corruptor ends up devouring ALL, IT has no friends.






The Nothing


I arrived there and it was ALL darkness.


I immediately realized I couldn’t breathe normally, it was like I was breathing hot thin air and I began to suffocate.


My reflexes urged me to stand straight and breathe RIGHT NOW!


I could not stand. I try to see my legs and my arms but the darkness was FULL.


I try to pull my nose so the nostrils could take some fresh air.


I could not touch anything. I wasn't moving. Still suffocating. Fear grew very quickly.




Fear became panic. I started to gasp desperately.




I tried to SCREAM. I couldn’t do that either. My mind screamed but no one was there to hear me. I jumped and run. I was not running. I never jumped. It was only my soul pretending to RUN, pretending to SCREAM. I arrived to a new level of PANIC.




I cried. Again I was not crying. The relief of crying wasn’t there either. The desperation for not being able to breathe was so ROUGH. I tried to reach out to touch something. I was not either reaching nor touching. I arrived to a new level of PANIC.




In my mind I RUN, I SCREAMED, I BEGGED for forgiveness.




I couldn’t find ANY peace. I tried to calm down but my PANIC and my ANXIETY were SO strong. Like being dragged by a wave of a FRANTIC ocean. Stupidly I tried to RUN again. My PANIC was making me crazy.




I begged for forgiveness to EVERYTHING and ALL because I thought that could give me some RELIEF. But I couldn’t remember my offenses nor the people I did those to. ¿What is this? My only companion was this anxiety, a kind of rush or urge that were JUST TOO STRONG. I realized the only thing that remained of me was my soul and this rush. I arrived to a FULL PANIC once again.




I became deranged. I couldn’t remember anything about my last life. I wanted to hold a memory for a moment to find some relief. No memories came. I realized I was dead. No body, no memory, no me… only this awful rush of constant merciless anxiety. I felt the hurt of sharp pure misery.




I screamed “Why me?” and I RUN again. Fear started to grow again. Fear arrived to be PANIC again. All my new known levels of PANIC AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.




I was loosing my mind COMPLETELY. It is a lack of serenity replaced by a constant UNSTOPPABLE RUSH. I found out there is no sleep here. So I couldn’t have ANY sleep and its RELIEF. I felt a tremendously heavy PITY for myself.




I wanted to became a RAGGED DOLL devoid of all LIFE. I tried to end my life. IMPOSSIBLE. I became very ANGRY and I was furious but that only brought new levels of PANIC.




I tried to find serenity again to avoid the downward spiral of PANIC. But this rush poked me so easily and I arrived to PANIC once again. 




I am not breathing, THIS place is breathing ME. I am a slave. I am being eaten alive. This place is devouring me. The noise that it makes when devours a tiny piece of my soul is “EJEM”. Total darkness. Total loneliness. My only companion is this rush that pokes me so I can be devoured through my deliciously sharp suffering. I felt helpless beyond belief.




This is the only hell there is when you have been devoured by the corruptor. A tiny dark space time for me. And to think I arrived here by my own will. I was tempted, I fell and I loved IT. I felt DESPAIR like a stab in the center of my soul. I RUN again. I SCREAMED again, I CURSED again. All levels of PANIC again and again and again.




A HUGE problem with a Simple Solution:


Choose The Light


I wish you the best dear Friend





What are we doing here?


We come to experience The Way of the LIGHT


We always come to this plane of consciousness to DESTROY our demons


But we are born and we get TRAPPED by them


We will meet people whose strengths and yours COMBINED are the KEY to help each other THRIVE


Then our demons hurt ALL those people. WE hurt each other


Who is the ONE inside you that hurts YOUR people? Those you are supposed to WANT to LOVE and CARE FOR?


Who is the ONE inside YOU that even ENJOYS HURTING others and yourself?


Why can't you STOP?






Would you believe me if a tell you...


You once were a Being capable of Loving very Purely


Try This:


For 24 Hours just go and LOVE SO MUCH, everything and ALL


Does it feel WEIRD?




Who is the ONE that CAN'T LOVE AT YOUR WILL?


Why ANTILOVE lives INSIDE you?






Why Can't you Stop?


If you are the master of your mind, body and soul…


Why can't you stop eating compulsively towards severe obesity?


Why can't you stop having children you won’t nurture and love?


Why can't you stop being addictive to all those substances that destroy your consciousness?


Why can't you stop acquiring things you will quickly be bored to?


Why can't you stop being angry or sad?


Why can't you stop being full of envy and resentment?


Why can't you stop telling lies to yourself and others?


Why can't you stop your anxiety and nervousness?


Why can't you stop thinking about tomorrow and not living the now?


Why can't you stop your mind from projecting all those fears?


Why can't you stop believing all those lies you tell to yourself?


Why can't you stop desiring more and more things?


Why can't you stop being alienated more and more?


Why can't you stop hurting others and yourself?


Why can't you stop telling yourself that you are not enough?


Why can't you stop criticizing others with all that hate?


Why can't you stop despising other people just because they look different?


Why can't you stop the mindless violence and cruelty to each other?


Why can't you stop producing all that garbage every day?


Why can't you stop killing life for a petty gain?


Why can't you stop destroying your own planet?


Why can't you stop the Self Destruction of your own Kind?


Well... Ask Your Demons.






The Way of The Light 


Kundalini Pranayama is the Key to Cast Out Our Demons. Demons we helped Install, Grow and Evolve during this Life and all past Lives.


I Learnt the Hard Way of these past six years that it is TRUE that pure sheer LOVE destroys the way of our DEMONS, but it is our Demons the ones that have put Our Love in a Cage in the first place. Let your Love to come Out. Love Everything, Everybody and All. Start with yourself.


Choose the Present Moment over their Rush


Choose Serenity over petty Tribulations


Choose Joy over Affliction


Choose Fulfillment over Misery


Choose To Act over Doubt


Choose To Flow over Stagnate


Choose to Unite People over Divide Them:


Love Them over Despise Them

Accept Them over Reject Them

Respect Them over Exploit Them

Guide Them over Control Them

Elevate Them over Submit Them

Heal Them over Destroy Them


Choose Brotherhood over Supremacy 


Choose to Express yourself over Repress yourself


Choose Soothe over Addiction


Choose to Forgive over Resentment


Choose to say the Truth over the Lies That Divide Your Own Mind


Choose to Observe with Clarity over Believing in your own made Delussions


Choose to See "What Is" over Clouding you Mind with your own made Illusions


Be Wise, Clear and Precise in What You Must Accept and What you Must Let Go


Be Free and ONE, Not a Slave of Your Own Inner Demons and be Divided Inside


This is the Way of The Light


You are a Creature of The Light and the Life it Creates


I Know You Can Do It


Choose to Do It



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