"Now is the time to fill this valley with you sorrows,

and this river with you tears."

- The Sweet Monk



The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation



Sweet Child of the New Aeon,  


       A Venom of consciousness of the highest order arrived to this planet thousands of years ago to infect and enslave humanity. The way of this venom is to instill and grow evil in every human being. This evil seduces us to create all kinds of human suffering and pain. This venom comes from a being that devours the energy of human suffering. He has been very successful in doing so and for so long. His final aim is the prolonged and total destruction of Life in this planet.


The collective effect of this venom is that it turned humans into a cancer that is devouring all life in your planet and today it is doing so at an exponential speed. You only have to observe how insensible humans are to all the suffering we inflict upon all forms of life in this planet, and the destruction and pollution we conduct every day.


The Sweet Portal is a passage you open in order to confront the venom inside you and to go through the Great Tribulation which is the path to expel (exorcise in a way) this venom out of you. I call them the great relief and the great fight, because the only war worth fighting occurs inside each one of us. 


Remember this at all times: 

a. While this is the Great Tribulation you will find the greatest relief from the greatest disease.

b. This tribulation is a journey that will encompass approximately four years but this depends of how much venom is in you. It could take a little less or a little more time.

c. There will be moments where this journey is sweet and full of light. Enjoy every one of them because they are very unique. You are entitled to all that relief.

d. The venom is the darkness and the evil in you. This venom acts as a suppressor of your own light and joy. You must not give any mercy to it.

e. Observe that while the Great Tribulation can be very tough, the journey feels at all times as a downslide long walk full of relief.

f. By the end of the Great Tribulation the venom will be gone and you will be free. You will reach to your own light and joy. You will remember who you truly are. 


Every single human living in this planet has come here as a Warrior of Light and Life to destroy this venom. You forgot your mission because the venom of consciousness is clever and attacks us since our very first years, so soon we go astray to produce our share of suffering this being demands.  


Should we fail to reach the light, which is to kill the venom and to be free collectively, will activate “The Demon of the Trees, The Forrests and the Creatures” a.k.a. “Sorath the Destroyer” a.k.a. “The Omega Therion” to produce his final resolution.  


The cancer humans have become because of the infection of this venom must end. This will occur either we like it or not, either one way or the other.


I know you will Win.


You are entering here by your own will and at your own risk




[Omicron means the Sun is On and he comes with a definitive end, and “∞” is Kundalini Pranayama, a gift for all mankind.]



Om Shanti

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