All The Innocents


In a Parallel Universe Far from You


1º Alpha22


1. Soldiers were marching in a parade with mechanic devotion and discipline. Then hundreds of them suddenly fell to the ground like rag dolls devoided of all life. Their bodies hitting the ground all at the same time with a chilling thump. Screams of confusion and panic saturated the scene. What is this?

2. The world of news was having their day as their realization grew to learn this was a worldwide thing. Soldiers from all armies around the world were struck by sudden death. Awake or slept all died at exactly the same moment. How is that possible? And why some soldiers and not others?

3. Within a few hours it was discovered many civilians died too, but mostly they were inmates from prisons. The sudden death knew no race, nationality or gender, although the vast majority of the deceased were men. The count of the deaths reached the hundreds of thousands.

4. The governments of the world followed their protocols of distrust and pointed fingers to each other. It was clear soldiers from all armies died, no countries were the exception, unless they didn’t have an army. Finally one government 'leader' put it in this terms: "No human technology capable of such orchestrated attack exists. Is this an act of God? or an Alien work?"

5. All autopsies around the globe gave the same result. Something inside their brains exploded causing a major bleeding resulting in sudden and painless death. One army general cried with impotent anger: "Cowards! You come and fight us like men!"

6. Scientists could not find the minimum trace of a device capable of causing an explosion in hundreds of thousands of brains, all of them bursting at exactly the same instant all around the globe. The enigma was a stinging shame as they realized how clueless and powerless they were. "We will find the cause but it will take some time." one scientist proudly asserted.

7. There was a wide spread relief in the world population as they realized they were the survivors of this strange happening. Everybody got together in a duel for the fallen ones, a communion made of fear, as much as confusion. All of them reassuring each other this 'thing' was over. Hope is often a warm illusion.

8. A respected news woman was reporting in her usual 'assertive' tone that, “no clues exist about the perpetrators after the first twenty four hours of this strange happening…” when she was suddenly removed of all life and fell like a rag doll. The abrupt thump sounded specially harsh when she hit the plastic floor. Panic run like wildfire.



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Selective