A New Kind of Lightning


In a Parallel Universe Near You


1º Alpha33


1. Om is On

Four great shamans got together to summon a cure for their planet. Something finally responded but then the night remained dark and the air fresh.


2. Pawa

In that moment elsewhere a baby girl was born. All her life she was going to be called a rebel because she suffered with the abundant falseness of her world, and she was determined to not accept it.


4. Warrior

She saw her people dragged by life instead of living it. Like a leaf on a stream of a wild river that can’t find it’s tree, and because of that is in pain. This was not going to happen to her. She made up her mind and summoned her heart of a warrior for truth.


3. Three Times Astray

Since early it was clear her life was a tough one. Three times in her life she went astray, and three times her life was at stake. The light within her heart showed her the way out, and she came out lighter every time. She realized stinging fear was the first enemy, wild desire the second, and something that rushed them both the third. That third is the monumental enemy.


5. Ishvara bhavAn kaH?

In her visions she saw herself as a pulsating Universe, and in every pulse she broke herself in billions of smaller lives living in parallel universes she could visit during dreams. Then at the death of all those lives they come back to be that magnificent Universe once again. "This pulse occurs forever and it is how Universes of consciousness gain learning." she reflected. She realized there is no such thing as ‘small beings’, and in this planet the instances of life of countless Universes get together to exchange evolution.


6. Tau Tonic

She witnessed the eternal streams of Male and Female energy creating this Multiverse in every infinitesimal time piece through one majestic dance. Then some kind of force came to disrupt the precious balance and life changed horribly. This poison took all members of her kind out of the present moment and turned them into a cancer  whose only unconscious objective was to annihilate all life in their planet. "Is this what happens when you rush fear and desire out of the present moment?" she asked. Nothing replied.


...and one day walking this trail of struggle for truth with Life and Death… A Sweet Portal... Ancient, Eternal, and Dear.


7. I Feel Like One

She realized all this and saw how the fragmented pieces of her consciousness returned to be One. It was an ecstasy, the highest one.


8. Out Of Me

She realized the star of her planet had enough with her kind and decided to annihilate her entire race. Like a righteous father willing to use a proper cure to eliminate the billions of viruses destroying the life of his precious wife. But the wounded planet wanted to give this species one more chance. "One more chance even now?" the star asked. The star initiated a special radiation to amplify their rush, and she her rebel shield to protect them. A battle she can't resist for long. In the sky beings from other dimensions and times gathered to witness how a star rightfully terminates a virus of consciousness and all its annoying molecular subjects. This poison and its cancer can’t spread out of here you See?


And there she was realizing all this in every inhale and exhale and wondering…

Ishvara bhavAn kaH?



Om Shanti

See For Yourself

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