The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation


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Kundalini Spark and Flame


1. You will need to start doing Yoga. Hatha Yoga and other similar forms of known Yoga are the training required to sustain the only one pose Kundalini Pranayama requires: The half or full Lotus pose. Kundalini Pranayama is the process we use to access the Sweet Portal and the Great Tribulation. 

2. Kundalini is your individual Light Energy that flows upwards through your spine and upper body. This is the Light of consciousness and awareness. This energy should run free through seven chakras who process your inner Light. At this moment you can’t feel your chakras, nor your own light energy, because they are clogged up by a venom of consciousness.

Finding the Spark and Flame 

3. Do 15 minutes of Hatha Yoga (or similar) to start conditioning your body. Don’t do more time than that because you need to save energy for what is next. Now sit in half lotus pose or full lotus pose. Observe the alignment of your spine. It must be perfectly vertical to the horizon. With time you will improve the correctness of this position.

[The correct position for Kundalini Pranayama is the Full Lotus Pose with the legs interlinked. But while you train your body to sustain that pose use your half lotus pose. Research the correct posture of these two poses.]

4. Now you have assumed lotus or half lotus pose. Cement your legs into the ground. Start moving your upper body in circles. An observer looking at you from the ceiling would see elliptic circles being drawn by your head and shoulders. Do circles both clockwise or counterclockwise, wide or narrow, slower or faster. Explore the movement. 
5. Observe your breathing. Slow exhale when your upper body is moving towards the front (crunching your stomach), and slow inhale as your upper body goes back to upright sitting position (relaxing your stomach). Learn to bind breathing and movement, so concentrate and be mindful the entire time.
[The meaning of word Yoga is to “bind” or “bring together”] 

6. Now change to draw infinity symbols () with your upper body. Both clockwise or counterclockwise, wide or narrow, slower or faster. Observe your breathing so both the breathing and the movement continue to be one. It is like binding three separate things (breath, movement, mind) into one. When you do these Kundalini movements seek to find your inner joy.

[At the beginning, and while you condition your body, use your hands as support by placing them on your knees or the floor]

7. When in every day life, and when you sit on any type of chair, keep your back straight at all times. This will help build the muscles of your back to attain a correct alignment. If at any time you have the opportunity to sit on the floor, sit in half lotus position to both train your back muscles and your legs. In time this position will become one of your preferred choices for sitting.

8. One day, soon I hope, and while you are sitting on a chair or in your full or half lotus pose, you will feel that something as tiny as the flame of a very small candle suddenly sparks and comes to life in a place that could be only called as “the perfect center of your pelvic region”. It will come with a stream of pure joy. Feel it. Don’t renounce to it. Let it flow for as long as it wants. This tiny flame will make you draw small circles with you upper body. Allow this to happen. This is the beginning of everything. 



Om Shanti


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The use of Over-Ear Headphones is recommended. 


In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Be Selective



Destructor del Mal Puro