All the Innocents


In a Parallel Universe Far from You


2º Beta5


9. A unique broadcast filled the internet with few words, “We are the Guardians of Life. First we put an end to 'Those Who Killed'. Here and now we put an end to 'Those Who Tortured'. By the end of the next twelve hours we will put an end to 'Those Who Ordered Assassination and Torture'. What will you choose to do in your final moments?” the transmission ended.

10. "We now know the news woman was a person who mistreated her daughter, but how does that qualify as torture? The Inmates of prisons killed in the 'First Wave' were known assassins or suspected to be. Other civilians killed we assume they were too. Soldiers killed other soldiers indeed, but they were patriots not assassins! Who is playing to be God here?" some President lamented. "And now they say to come after me and my staff?" everybody around him looked at each other with eyes wide open.

11. The 'Second Wave' killed tens of thousands of people worldwide. It seems 'torture' meant not only physical, but keen psychological torture as well. "How these terrorists knew who to target? Who knows everything about everybody? and Who can dare to make such judgement?" another President added.

12. Scientists conducted their tests but could not find a trace of a bomb in the heads of Presidents and other important people that could be 'falsely accused' of ordering assassination and torture. "Probably the weapon is outside of people’s bodies? like a ray gun bursting brains? but how you bring such weapon to all those locations at the same instant? the weapon must had been inside those brains and then activated to explode! but how do you do that?" scientists were baffled.

13. The Guardians of Life gave a second announcement to the world, “Humans became a cancer. A life destructing force consuming and polluting all life in their own planet. You are now unable to stop until you kill all life and yourselves with it. Is this intelligent evolution? You don’t want to invoke the consciousness to correct your behavior so we will end you. Just like you end a viral infection destroying the life of one of your sons or daughters... with one devastating blow. We invite you to live your day as if it was your last. Welcome to your extinction.”


14. The twelve hours mark arrived. The slightest trace of the authors was nowhere to be found. Presidents, governors, military personnel, criminals and others, died in an instant. They fell like rag dolls. “The world has no leaders!” one man laughed. “They said this is an extinction! they will kill our children!” cried a mother with abundant tears. “Surely there are only three waves: the killers, the torturers and the cowards! We will be fine, men have a soul!” the father hoped.


15. Some people went and loot, killed or tortured others. Probably they thought it was a good idea to do that in the final days or it was just their panic. In the moment they killed, tortured or ordered it, they fell dead of a sudden explosion inside their brains. "Why to give assassins and torturers the mercy of a painless death?" a man in front of a TV asked to an empty street.

16. The Guardians of Life gave their third announcement to the world: “Love humans, in your final moments… choose to Love." The voice was so calmed and relaxed. Like a loving father advertising a luxurious SPA in the heavens. This fact made the announcements chilling in extreme.



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Selective