The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation


7º Chi7


Expel The Venom



49. When you start expelling the venom it will use all his weapons to prohibit you from doing so. Those are:

a. The trip of your mind will try to seduce you at every step of the way by using your personal fear, your personal apathy, your personal denial, and your personal attachments and aversions against you to deflect you from following through.
b. While there is a big amount of relief there is an equal amount of hardship.
c. You will encounter your fear of death and your fear to become insane.

d. Remember they are just projected (invented) fears of the trip of your mind, not real fears from real threats.
e. You will encounter your denial and its apathy and they will try to deflect you and lead you astray.

50. The venom is a monumental enemy and its strength lies on accelerating your mind out of the present moment. The karmas use your personal rush (compulsive behavior) to enslave you by using this rush to make you go and do destructive and self-destructive actions you rather not to. Your karmas are a construct built during many lives.
51. Your own Kundalini has all the required wisdom and intelligence that has been in this universe for a long time. While the Kundalini Pranayama process is a tribulation, it always feels like a downhill journey. If you finish it, you will win. You will learn all about your personal timing, this is the how, when, and for how long to do your Kundalini Pranayama, and how to conduct the process with success. The Guru is inside you.
52. When your expel the venom and your light flows free you will go back to what and who you really are. A sensitive intelligent being that feels the love for everything and all. You will erase your attachments and aversions. You will see clearly and without the blindness of denials, judgements and made up opinions. You will be free. Truly free, because the Karmas, which create a kind of inner demon always conspiring against you, will be evicted.

[You will realize about what to accept and let go, instead of attaching, clinging, abandoning what you must not. You will be able to do this because you will be recovering your clarity, now clouded by the venom of consciousness.]
53. The only possible place to be built by enlightened beings is a paradise. A paradise where everybody is truly free. The possibilities are endless and unnecessary conflict will perish. You will be clear to see and feel the light that shines in the eyes of every creature and your fellow humans. All inner and outer divisions, which are a construct of an infected mind, will collapse in every breath.
54. The collective rush of all the humans in this world are literally rushing them to destroy all Life in this planet just like a cancer does. Do you want to be the one who buried your species or the one who liberated them? This rush is accelerating as we speak and the destruction of your planet is happening in an exponential fashion just now. Don’t give any mercy on this venom.
55. The Kundalini Dance will become a Kundalini Trance you know in your heart it was long lost. You will remember everything and you will see and feel by yourself. It is the most beautiful ride of all. ¿Would you want to miss it? When you reconnect with your Higher Self you will understand how great and important you are.

[The true relief you will experience lies in the fact that since you are evicting your karmas, you are also forgiving yourself from past deeds.]
56. These are major directions I can provide in short, but once you are in your own path the true direction will always reveal itself to you. The only truthful thing I can do for you is offer a starting point, and later to help you see if you are going in the right direction or if you went astray. The Guru is inside you.



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Be Selective



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