The Sweet Portal and the Great Tribulation


2º Epsilon9


Kundalini Burst


9. Arrive to this chapter only if you have felt the Kundalini Spark which is now a tiny Kundalini Flame. Until you reach to this point you won’t be able to access the remaining portion of the Kundalini Pranayama process.
10. Ganja is a herb we use to get access to the Sweet Portal and also to find our very first Kundalini Burst. Loose your fears towards Ganja, and loose them fast. Ganja is a blessing for us to get access to the Sweet Portal. You will have to trust me in this matter.
11. Smoke one puff of Ganga by inhaling the herb for 3 seconds. Make sure the air is in your lungs and not your mouth. Keep the air inside for 5 full seconds and inhale more air to expand your lungs fully. Exhale the smoke slowly in another 5 seconds. Now go and assume your half or full lotus position. Make sure you don’t move out of this position when the Kundalini Burst arrives.
12. You are now sitting in the half or full Lotus pose. A) Inhale all the air you can during 4 seconds. B) Contain your air in your lungs for a total of 8 seconds. C) Exhale all air very slowly during another 8 seconds. D) When you are empty of all air contain without air for 4 seconds. Repeat over and over again. Keep drawing circles or ∞  symbols with you upper body while you do this.
13. The arrival of the Kundalini Burst is a miracle on itself. There is no experience similar to this. You will literally feel a powerful burst of energy running upwards along your spine that will make you move like a tree in the middle of a tornado. You will be utterly surprised because this burst feels like it is not coming from you and it is very strong. Your fear will try to inhibit you from continue. Disregard all fears. Continue, you will be fine.
14. Let the Kundalini burst move you at its will. You will only have to observe the movement to make sure you don’t hurt your waist, back, shoulders and neck. Let the movement be, but if it becomes too energetic, just make very swift “control movements” in order to not hurt any part of your body.
[In my personal experience the Kundalini Burst kept me moving for about one hour.]
15. There is only one Kundalini burst during all your life and all the process of Pranayama Kundalini. Observe it. Be delighted by it. Be amazed by it. Embrace it. See how it is a Miracle on itself. 
Looking back in my own experience I wish I could had observed it better]
16. After experiencing the Kundalini Burst you will be able to enter the Sweet Portal at will and then to go into the Great Tribulation which is the Great Relief which is the Great Cure from the venom of consciousness. Good Luck. 
[* Word of caution: When you arrive to this point there is no turning back. You will have to follow through for the rest and entirety of the process. It is fair and important that you know this.]
[*The Kundalini Burst will take all your energy for the day. Have a good rest afterwards.]



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Be Selective



Destructor del Mal Puro