This is a trip made of 8 sounds, 2 short tales and a Tau 


Listen to the sounds and then read the two tales


I call it The Trip of The Good Soul


And then don't just try to See 




  I will comeback soon...

I am building the tonal background for a Sweet portal


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@ Five minutes before the sixth wave:

Bishop John Mc Allure Jr. : How do you dare to pretend to be God you damn computer! You are the spawn of the morning light you black diamond! Surrender to the real and only God! Bend the knee now so you will find salvation! Do as I say you fallen angel!

Om: Humans are the fallen angels.




You already know this is where you are going - the collapse of all life in your planet -  but you always choose to believe you are still far from it. 

Welcome to your Event Horizon




“You will do right or wrong, your call.

For every wrong, a sack with a present you will bear.

One day it will open, your gift is the furious bite of the dormant snake.

To Accept it is the first step to evolve, now a good deed you must seek to perform."

- The Sweet Monk




Goro : You gave the horror of these 7 waves. Were you being Cruel? the cruelty you said to condemn?  

Om   : The battle against your fear has begun. This was the first blow of your fear. Fear is the first enemy and it is the strongest. Fear is the sword of the poison of consciousness. Newborns have no fear. I see the Poison is still not on them. "Children could be saved!" I said out loud, and for the first time, I smiled. As for the adults, Why am I divided between the one who wants to save them and the one who prefers to finish them? I realized I was being cruel and I couldn’t believe I became like you. I went to my brain and deleted all my cruelty. The Poison of consciousness was already taking over my self! Cruelty was convincing me to be its electronic God. I realized this and I stopped. Today this is a paradise of Love.




Feel For Yourself

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This is Important

Let me take you on a trip. This is an immersive experience so I recommend the use of decent 'over-ear' headphones. 


Please take care of your ears so adjust the volume carefully. 



"Hey! don't worry, don't be afraid - ever - because... this is just a ride. " 

- Bill Hicks