A New Kind of Lightning


In a Parallel Universe Near You 


3º Iota17


The outer-inner voice kept talking...


Evil is only Human


Iota 1 - The poison rushed your stinging fear, wild desire, and clinging attachment to envision all kinds of delusions. These delusions arouse your will to exercise all necessary violence to satisfy them.


Iota 2 - By the use of violence you kept your fears at bay.


Iota 3 - By the use of violence you got your wild desires.


Iota 4 - By the use of violence you clung your claws to your securities, treasures and powers.


Iota 5 - You rush your violence to harm other life forms in order to “get your ways”.


Iota 6 - By the use of Violence in a cruel manner you suck the fear of your victims and that felt awesome. What addictive elixir and unexpected gain!


Iota 7 - Evil is when cruelty is done by a person blind in consciousness. You can't see all the consequences and ramifications of your violence. The total collective of evil hates life.


Iota 8 - Evil is only human. This evil destroys life and is reverse evolution because it is a cancer. A cancer is stupid because it kills itself when achieves its mission. Evil is not your natural way of being. This evil is a disease you can be cured from regardless if your evil “level” is 1 out of 1000, or 1000 out of 1000. Can you see why this cure is perfectly fair?


She realized most people have low levels of evil, either because of courage or convenience, it didn't matter. So the total of evil is smaller than the total of non-evil. Evil is an iota! A full smile slowly appeared in her face among all those tears...



Om Shanti 



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The use of Over-Ear Headphones is recommended. 


In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Selective