All The Innocents


In a  Parallel Universe Far from You


4º Kappa15


25. Barbara sat on the bathroom floor and thought hard. “The only person in this world who called me ‘Barbie girl’ is my Dad. Twenty six years has been since he passed. How in the world could they know that? I am sure I never mentioned this to anyone. I miss you so much dear Dad. Who can know everything about everyone?”

26. Didi and Goro were traveling home in a driverless bus. They were both wearing Virtual Reality glass. “The worst harm you can do to people is torture or death. One removes your right to live, the other is a hell of pain and stress. To kill the paradise is an entirely different game, you do that every time you go on with your  day. At the next wave most of us could find our end.” the clever girl had light.

27. “There is a significant difference if you command the destruction of the Amazon to plant for palm oil, or if you are a nice girl who uses candles to save coal.” Goro smiled. Didi smiled back and grabbed his hand. He resumed, “I think they feed a sophisticated algorithm with plenty of info, to make the judgement to decide who goes to  limbo. Information has been stored since the dawn of computers. It was a good idea according to the controllers.”

28. The assistant was embarrassed, “'Fat Boy' gave three possibilities as the probable author ma’am. The first is a rogue group working in the shadows; the second, a disgruntled alien visitor; and the third one, a new kind of  oppressor.” Barbara was so tired, “How a super computer arrives to such goofy conclusion?”

29. Didi and Goro were attending a colorful party in their home town. People got together to be happy as it always has been. When the next wave hits they will be next to each other in  joy, not fear. Jason was tall as a tree and came from Ottawa. “I tell you Didi back in the day I cut trees. I did the job for Gloria and the kids. I didn’t know I could die from this.” His face without his radiant smile was a rare thing to see.

30. A collage of videos about the life in this town were projected in a white wall. People were joking and  laughing watching the kids at the beach playing ball. A fifth message from the Guardians of Life interrupted their chants, abruptly ending their joys and laughs.


31. “Witness your  murder of the paradise,” A succession of images appeared on the screen quick as the final argument of a severe judge. The burning of forests to make space for agriculture, a beach invaded with millions of pieces of thrash, whales dead at the beach with bellies full of plastic bags, the massacre of dolphins in large pools of blood, dogs in prisons in awful pain and drool, alligators punctured in the head to then have their skin pulled, monkeys knocking their heads against their cage, a cow after another thrown into a large shredder, a laughing man pulling the wings of a living chicken dismembering it, millions of dead fish dragged in a red tide, a sack of bones of a once polar bear felling hard on the ice, corpses of elephants and rhinos stacked in a pile with their tusks aside, a stadium court full of shark fins drying at the sun, hundreds of miles of sea covered in black from the last spill of oil, a man proudly holding his rifle while stepping on an elephant mom, an orangutan clinging to her newborn in charred ground. The images went on and on. All this feels like a blade in the core.

32. The transmission stopped and the silence fell like a whip, it felt like a heavy load on everyone’s  will. Didi sensed an ugly pain in her throat. It was three hours before the end of the fourth blow. “This is evil so today we die as the whale or the cow.” Didi whispered with eyes clouded in tears. “Not everybody.” Goro said and hug her. 



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Selective