The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation


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The Sweet Portal and the 4 Phases of Breathing


17. The process of breathing (pranayama) has four phases and each one of them has a fundamental role in Kundalini Pranayama. They are: Inhale, Contain with Air, Exhale, Contain without Air.
18. After going through the Kundalini Burst wait a few days before attempting to enter  the Sweet Portal: A) Smoke one puff of Ganga by inhaling the herb for 3 seconds, make sure the air is in your lungs and not your mouth. B) Keep the air for 5 full seconds. C) Exhale the smoke slowly in another 5 seconds. If you are a Ganja user you may want to do this a second time.
19. Ganja without the use of plenty of oxygen is wasted and it has a poor effect for our ends. After Ganja has entered your body do the following immediately afterwards: A) Inhale all the air you can during 4 seconds. B) Contain your air in your lungs for a total of 8 seconds. C) Exhale all air in another 8 seconds. D) When you are empty of all air contain without air for 4 seconds. Repeat over and over again.
20. While you do this keep drawing Kundalini Circles and/or Kundalini infinity Signs with your upper body. Be joyful. Kundalini, which was first a spark, then a small flame, then a burst, is now becoming a steady flow of energy. How do you know if it is there? You feel it. It is something that comes from somewhere beyond yourself and you can inhibit it but not create it. 

[*Use a blindfold, or listen to music with headphones, so you can inhibit those senses from distracting you. Use music that is ascending, just like the process of Kundalini Paranayama is. Use my 8 songs which are designed to be an ascending harmonic flow. Alternate with using very calm music of your choice.] 
21. The Kundalini steady flow makes your upper body to describe circles and infinity signs. Sometimes it will go clockwise and sometimes it will go counter clockwise, wide or narrow, quick or fast. Kundalini Pranayama is a process that has its own intelligence and wisdom.
22. Four Phases of Breathing:

Inhaling: The goal of inhaling is to eventually arrive at powerful inhales. This means to improve your capacity to bring air and more air into your lungs and diaphragm. You should feel like a balloon full of air.
Contain with Air: When you contain the air you must held a powerful upright spine. There must be no bending of the spine at all, other than the natural form of the spine. Observe yourself so you never hunchback. If you think you can inhale even more air at this time please do so.
Exhale: There is a quick fast exhale and a long prolonged exhale. Do them as your inner process directs you to. When you are ready to do a long exhale do the chant “Om” or any other that feels right for you.
Contain without Air: This may be the difficult one since it is often neglected by modern breathing. Give time to it always.


23. From now on you are an explorer. You are entering a path which is yours and only yours. The experiences you will have will be different from anything you have known and your path may be only similar to the path of others, because Kundalini is different for everyone, as every being is unique into this Universe.
24. You are an explorer and a warrior. You will start to unveil all your senses and you will use them to find, grab and expel the portion of the venom of consciousness that lives in you. Observe everything. Keep a Journal. Be the Master and the Guru of your own path. I am thinking of you.



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Be Selective



Destructor del Mal Puro