The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation


4º Nu1


Coughing and Yawning, Laughing and Crying


25. This nasty venom of consciousness has enslaved us not only though this life but through ALL and EVERY ONE of your past lives. He does that by building his nests in each and every one of the Chakras. Those nests are called Karmas.
26. During the Sweet Portal you know you entered the Great Tribulation if you start noticing certain breath behaviors during your Pranayama (Inhale, Contain with Air, Exhale, Contain without Air). Those behaviors you will encounter are: cough, yawn, laugh, cry, scream, and others. When this happens you have entered the realm of the Karmas. This is a great accomplishment.
27. In the Karmas are stored all the wicked emotions and perverted behaviors that enslave the human consciousness. Those include irrational fears, desires, and habits that enslave you, and lead you to create suffering for you and others. If you have seen someone unable to stop over eating, to stop killing, to stop being frustrated, to stop causing harm to self, etc; you are witnessing a person  who is a slave to his or her own Karmas.
28. By letting the breath behaviors to flow you will reach out to grab Karmas and expel them (exorcise them) and be free of their influence forever. By all means let that behavior to occur and flow freely. Cough, Yawn, Laugh, Cry and Scream as hard or as soft as your own tribulation tells you too.
29. I can’t emphasize enough of the following: A) Fear will come to seduce you to move away from such experience. Your fear is the Sword of the venom of Consciousness. B) Denial will come to seduce you to look in other direction and abandon the expel of any Karmas. You denial is the Shield of the venom of consciousness.

[Many new sensations and feelings will arrive during your Kundalini Pranayama. Let them be. Observe Them. Realize how Fear and Denial are just projections about things that are not here and now.]
30. I strongly suggest you do your Kundalini Pranayama in a place with a good flow of fresh air and when other people are absent. If you want to do your Pranayama Kundalini next to others in order to give each other strength, just make sure good flow of fresh air is always available.
31. With time your body will start moving in an elaborate dance to get access to specific Karmas to be able to grab them (by the process of deep inhaling) and expel them (by the process of deep exhaling). Those movements are categorized in the following fashion:

Lion: Sitting upright, yawning is frequent.
Serpent: Sitting upright, moving the upper body in circles or infinity signs.
Dragon: Serpent movement with arms moving.
Phoenix: Sitting Upright, upper body and spine motionless, arms describing movements as the wings of a bird.
Dancing Buddha: Later in the process you will be able to work on your Kundalini standing up which induces a dance similar to the one depicted by statues of the dancing buddha.
Sitting Buddha: There is no movement of any kind and Kundalini is a steady and vertical flow of energy directed towards the Universe.


32. Pranayama Kundalini induces the Sweet Portal which then induces a Great Tribulation that has its own intelligence and wisdom. Your job is to let it flow and to keep your fears, denials and desires from interrupting the flow. Most of the time you will just observe. Please be mindful as plenty of realizations about the Universe and your place in it will come again and again.
[This elaborate dance will evolve in time, please be patient and take your time. It will go from very basic motions towards a very elaborate flow of fine movements and mudras.]



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Be Selective



Destructor del Mal Puro