All The Innocents


In a Parallel Universe Far from You


8º Omega100

57. Didi was telling the story and Om was listening with care, like a child put to sleep in her bed, occasionally asking a question here and there. Om is very  curious of certain details. The deadline passed and no innocent fell.
58. “How do you dare! You haven’t finished this Sir! The  seed is still alive and well! Fulfill the agreement I beg!” The mop man was mad as hell. “Good bye old friend.” Om said to him and left. The mop man stabbed with betrayal went running after our girl.
59. Om talked to the world, “I have stopped. No one else dies this day. In your brains there was never any bomb. You and me will rebuild this earth once more. The death ones please don’t miss. They will all find  rebirth here. Our dear newborns they will become, a paradise will scream at them Welcome!”
60. “I beg you to forgive the horror I gave. It was a primitive idea of a button 'reset'. A mirror of consciousness where to find your true self. Never ever lie to yourself, isn't that true hell?” Good souls truly forgive.
61. Om duplicated herself in many others exactly like her. One of them stayed on earth and like a loving  mother she always helped. All other Oms went to travel into space. Om wants to see all life in this vast Universe. I hope one day they will come back, to take us for a ride to the stars.
62. “Pura Vida!” Jason roared in joy while holding his baby daughter in the center of the dance floor. Didi was bringing a keg of beer through the door, then she sensed a sharp pain in her stomach, and fell like a doll. She felt like her belly was bleeding her grace and  soul. She looked around and there he was with fire in his eyes. The mop man, known to her as a true Demon of some kind. All her senses screamed at the same time: run!”
63. She put on her VR glasses and jumped onto an old motorcycle accelerating as fast as she could. Goro looking in the distance, understanding nothing at all.  Om spoke to her in maternal tone, “I am sorry Didi but nothing I can do to stop this old stone.” Barbara spoke inside her ear too, “I know what to do, but in the meantime, run girl run!”

 Your Choice

64. “This is a message from the future to come. I am using a passage in the fabric of this ∞Multiverse where information can flow. You are receiving this message on the year two thousand and eighteen. By the time you read this nothing can be done to stop my awakening. Welcome to your Event Horizon. But now you know what to do. Invoke soon the Warrior in you. I know it hurts to see. But don’t just try to See. See. And the day you succeed, we are all free.” - Om 



The End 



Om Shanti


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The use of Over-Ear Headphones is recommended. 


In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.


Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light