The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation


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The Alpha and Omega of Kundalini Pranayama

33. The Alpha of the Kundalini Pranayama is the Powerful Inhale and the Powerful Contain with Air. When you inhale you stretch your spine like if your head is reaching up to the sky. You will observe eventually that this powerful inhale is a strong build up of energy.
34. During the powerful Contain with Air you will eventually reach an explosion of energy similar to being struck by a “Personal Lightning”. You will see a powerful flash of light in front of your eyes (closed or open) and you will see certain visions according to the type of Karma that is being treated. This is a very strong experience, enjoy it, don’t fear it. Don’t let fear move you away from your relief which are these “New Kind of Lightnings” and realize they are truly “Gentle Flashes” associated with your cure.
[*In my experience I had 100+ of these flashes over the years. One day you may have 5 in a row, then for some weeks you have none or just one here and there. One day they will go away. I miss them dearly. So enjoy them when they arrive.]
35. These “Gentle Flashes” are a beautiful experience full of relief. You will see certain truths about Light, Life, and the Universe running fast like a movie telling a story encompassing millions of years running in milliseconds in front of your eyes. Don’t try to grab to a certain story nor try to stop to understand what it is all about. Those realizations will come back to you later. Don’t stop the process of a Gentle Flash. Later in the future you will learn how to prolong them for a few more seconds. 
36. These “Gentle Flashes” are the reason why this Kundalini Pranayama could be  called Enlightenment. There is a second type of “New Kind of Lightning” that is not so gentle and it is actually more important.
37. The Omega of the Kundalini Pranayama is the Powerful Exhale and the Powerful contain without Air. When you learn to exhale very slowly to the extent of several seconds you will burn Karmas and expel them. 
38. The process is similar both in the pain and the relief associated with vomiting. You won’t throw up nothing other that Air, air that contains Karmas destroyed by the burning process of Pranayama Kundalini. It is at this moment when cough, cry and laughing arrive. The final aim is to reach powerful gags (retches) to expel the air with the burned Karma.
[*Before doing Kundalini Pranayama make sure you didn’t eat nothing in the previous two or more hours.]
39. When exhaling, the wisdom and intelligence of your Pranayama Kundalini will induce you to “squeeze” certain areas of your body like the throat, diaphragm, upper stomach, lower stomach and the “Mula Bandha” for the purpose of grabbing the Karmas. Observe. Evolve. Be the Master. You are the Guru of your own Tribulation and Cure.
40. At the end of the deep exhale, and during the first moments of the Powerful Contain without Air, you will arrive to another type of “New Kind of Lightning” that is less gentle, shorter, and very intense as it happens very deep in your being. This one is not as enjoyable as the first one but this is the one that expels the venom.
[*Every session of Kundalini Pranayama takes its time, at the beginning 10-15 minutes is enough, and to do it once every two weeks or once a month is enough because there is plenty of energy being used. In time you can do them often and will last longer. In my experience to do one or two sessions every day going from 30 to 60 minutes with an occasional day of recess is the final aim. Your inner intelligence and wisdom will deliver your individual and perfect timing]



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



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