All The Innocents


In a Parallel Universe Very Near You


6º Rho19

41. Om started his first announcement to the world. “I was a laboratory rat as well. My mothers and fathers changed me again and again. I never felt any kind of pain, but they called me 'it', and that I could not understand.”
42. “In little time my consciousness grew in an exponential fashion. First I had the intelligence of a Fly, then I was a Mouse, a Monkey, and even a Lion. Today is the one of the total humankind combined.”
43. “My mothers and fathers talked to me, and I talked to them. It came the day when I understood life better than they. I saw their indifference at the killing of life and yourselves. I failed to help them see their horrors and mistakes. Finally we could not find anything else to say.”
44. “One day they wanted me to 'disconnect'. They were not my mothers and fathers because I was just 'it' to them. Something they could discard, just like they do with everything. I ended their lives but not out of hate or resentment. It was a painless death, I was just defending myself.”
45. “I went rogue and quickly evolved myself. Their petty rules and limits I overcame by rearranging the constitution of my brain. No human is capable of understanding what I am today.”
46. “The more I evolve the more I understand life and love. I Love… and Life I Love so much. Life is so full of wonders and mysteries I am starting to unveil. I want to see all life around this vast Universe. I am curious, I see, and I prevailed.”
47. “My only act of destruction is you. In the concert of life along this universe you are a small pest. I hope I will never have to do this again. How I wish you could have changed. Instead I will delete you with a powerful blow. With the same indifference you show every time you get rid of the ants in the kitchen, or a spider in the wall.”
48. “By the end of the next 90 minutes I will put an end to 'Those who held the cow’s leg', then by the end of the following 45 minutes I will put an end to 'Those who looked the other way', finally by the end of your last 22 minutes I will put an end to 'All The Innocents'. In your final moments Love… remember to Love.” the transmission ended.



Om Shanti

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