A New Kind of Lightning


In a Parallel Universe Near You


4º Sigma22


She could see so clearly...


What is Karma?


Sigma 1 - For every evil action you do a chain of reactions is created and sent everywhere like shock waves. Those reactions will comeback and be stored in you because they are your creation. You accumulate those effects in the now. These deposits is what you call Karma. Can you see how much Karma you have accumulated?


Sigma 2 - Your consciousness starts working immediately to get rid of Karma like you would remove a parasite sucking your blood. This ancient system of wisdom could be called a “mechanism for redemption”.


Sigma 3 - Someday something happens that triggers your Karma to force you to face a consequence of past deeds. This redemption of karma will make you exhale in various unique forms: Cry, laugh, scream, sob, relief, yawn and others. Karma has been redeemed. Do you recall the relief that always follows those situations? Do you use to say “shit happens” when this happens?


Sigma 4 - This mechanism of redemption is not vengeance because vengeance is evil and evil is only human. This is a mechanism of balance. As you sow, so shall you reap. Isn’t just beautiful that everyone must clean their own mess sooner or later?


Sigma 5 - All Karmas not redeemed plus new Karmas accumulated in the present life are carried to the next life after death. 


Sigma 6 - The mechanism of redemption is not some God, and the entity in charge of initiating a redemption is your higher self. He or She decides to redeem Karma when an opportunity arises. Your higher self always points to your evolution. The higher self is a link between your material being in this life and the Universe of consciousness you are in another level of awareness.


Sigma 7 - To remove all Karmas you can induce many of those unique forms of exhaling at once. This is what the Dragon is exhaling in your symbol of Kundalini and it is a gift for you. A redemption and a relief. The other path is to endure all the consequences of all past deeds during many lives. Both paths are equally valid.


Sigma 8 - All Karmas must be resolved. Either one path or the other are the ways to process your Karma out. When you are free of Karmas you are truly free, the blindfold is gone, and you see things the way they are. Can you trace your rushes and urges back to the Karmas that blind you and make your suffer?


She rushed to understand what is this alternative path or cure and got out of the present moment. "Shit Happens" she thought.



Om Shanti



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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Selective