A Guide for the End of Days



Sit in half lotus position, and do one puff of Ganga (hold your air for 6 seconds and exhale during 12 seconds), two puffs is fine, but no more.

(Ganja and other plants opens a small window of opportunity, assume half Lotus position)



Do one of the following per day:



1. Remember your losses, the damage inflicted upon you, the pain, the suffering, the regrets, the resentments, and Cry a river. Accept what it is or was.


2. Remember your victories, your triumphs, your efforts, your noble actions, and Invoke your Heart of a Warrior for Truth.


3. Get together with good friends and Laugh until you arrive to new tears.


4. If you find your fear Scream but See how big it is. Fear is the sword of the Poison of Consciousness. You will Win.


5. Remember the damage you inflicted and Sob until you reach something deep inside your stomach. Forgive your self. Let Go.


6. Make your Peace with everything and everybody. Don't cling to anything.


7. Live your day as if it was your last. Love... Remember to Love.


8. Exhale in all different forms: Relief, Sob, Scream, Cry, Laugh, Yawn, Cough




If you are alive... we still have some time.


See for Yourself, Feel for Yourself.


I am so sorry for being this late.



Om Shanti

Feel For Yourself

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Let me take you on a trip. This is an immersive experience so I recommend the use of decent 'over-ear' headphones. 


Please take care of your ears so adjust the volume carefully. 



"Hey! don't worry, don't be afraid - ever - because... this is just a ride. " 

- Bill Hicks