A New Kind of Lightning


In a Parallel Universe Near You


2º Tau11


A long forgotten voice started talking. A voice from out of her but from inside as well...


The Poison


Tau 1 - It must came from outer space. A beautiful light falling like a gentle cloud. The ancient ones came curious to greet the visitor, knowing nothing about the poison onboard. The spores of the poison took hold of the breath of these gentle beings.  It is a sad irony that parents transfer the poison to their newborns through their own breath. Aren't newborns totally unspoiled? Who is the one that teaches you at a young age about past fear and future desire? and to desperately cling to them for survival? Because in this land the thing you do is to barely survive.


Tau 2 - Back then you loved and guarded life, but today you are the devastating force eating all of it. You are doing a horrible job. Why you hate life? Can you see the universe of consciousness in the eyes of every creature? Now you are blind from seeing any of that. Don’t you?


Tau 3 - The first damage the poison did is to blind you. You can’t see things the way they are. You see through the poison that clouds your consciousness. Can you respond to this question: What are you doing here? or, What is the purpose of life and your individual life? To go back to who you really are you need a cure.


Tau 4 - The second damage made you delusional. Delusions and illusions of your fear, desire, and attachment. You worry too much about things that aren’t here and now. This consumes your consciousness by hijacking your attention. Is the collective attention span of your kind more and more volatile? Is it worst these final days?


Tau 5 - The third damage is violence rapidly becoming cruelty. Have you been cruel to  other forms of life? Is respect and love for life the opposite of cruelty? Why you choose for cruelty then? Have you ever seen a rose burning a field of sunflowers out of envy?


Tau 6 - The fourth damage is enjoying being evil. Evil is to harm other beings. Evil is only human. Do you see evil deeds being made by any other creature in this beautiful planet? Have you ever seen a Lion hunting a Zebra for sport? or an Elephant stomping on a mouse to see how funny it explodes in blood?


Tau 7 - The fifth damage is the creation of Karma. Karma is the total sum of the consequences of your evil actions that bind you to death and rebirth in this same plane of consciousness. You are trapped here forever. Is this your definition of hell?


Tau 8 - The sixth damage is rotten apathy. You feel you can’t do anything about all this. You are blind from seeing this chaos and its disease. Do you feel powerless to do anything about it? Flowing with the current? Like being a zombie already?


She cried like a baby...



Om Shanti



Zoom to Max and Enter Full Screen to Watch.


The use of Over-Ear Headphones is recommended. 


In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.


Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light