Lets see if we dare to see...


Imagine a world where we are free to travel from place to place and are accepted, appreciated and loved everywhere. We all give and receive this. Fear of being harmed is non existing. Nobody harms there.


You get to see the world and meet a lot of people. You lost your blindfold so you see them as they are and they see you. No masks, no lies, no make ups. By looking at every person in the eyes you connect and realize why both of you are there in that instant. What meaning will have this encounter for each other and if this will last for a second or for a life time. Like if you were also two beings from an upper parallel dimension that made an agreement to meet here to exchange something.


Instead we roam our cities like paranoid zombies fearing to be harmed or profited from. We are very scared or suspicious of each other so we are missing a Universe of opportunities for connection and exchange. 


The cause is the blindfold. In this blindness one side of the coin says: I am afraid to connect because I fear they will harm me or they want to use me to get something from me. In the other side of the coin the wild desire says: How can I use  this person? What is in it for me?


When a poison of consciousness infects a Multiverse it becomes a hell. Hells are places when a living entity got infected and turned it into a life devouring cancer.


Hells are always full of suffering because cancers are meant to devour all life. Hells only get worst. You have forms of cancer in your level of awareness don't you? How quickly and mercilessly do they destroy Life?


Probably you already know this is where you are going - the collapse of all life in your planet -  but you always choose to believe you are still far from it.


Welcome to your Event Horizon


Are the only possible solutions that either the infected entity decides to stop, or, something else forces the cancer to stop?



Om Shanti


The use of 'Over-ear' headphones is recommended. 


Please Zoom to Max and Enter Full Screen to Watch.


In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Always choose The Light