I have been asked to be the messenger of this message.


Here it is:


You are a Multiverse yourself, your body is a multiverse of many universes.


Observe the constitution of your body: your organs, your skin, your bones are Universes, in 'smaller' dimensions of space.


Your cells, your neurons, are Universes' in ‘an even smaller’ dimension of space. This goes on and on, for very long.


There are many parallel Universes down, but also up. 'Smaller' and 'Larger' than yours.


All those Universes have their own intelligent order, like yours.


All those parallel Universes are one, which is You.


So you are a Multiverse with Universes left and right, up and down.


All the Universes in the Multiverse are significant, and are One


You are not just your body-mind. 


Your consciousness is another Multiverse of many Universes.


This one is like a traveling-pulsating bubble.


You, exist in this world because of the brief union of these two Multiverses.


You, here, are the brief light of the Spark of these two multiverses making contact.


When you meet people and exchange something, it is many Multiverses making new kinds of Sparks.


I will call all those exchanges the Tetra-Multiverse.




Light is always awake.


Light always knows the Truth because it sees without any veil. 


You are infected by a poison of consciousness, which is a nasty veil.


It is a type of a blindfold inhibiting your light, and your see.


This poison is devouring you, and all forms of life around you, through you.


This means you will cease to exist in this Infinity-Tetra-Multiverse [What you call Universe]


To be devoured by this Poison is the Nothing dear friend.


Soon you need to begin your awakening.


Going back to who you truly are kills the poison.


By attaining full consciousness, you kill the Poison of consciousness.


This is the whole of the cure.




This is an Infinity-Tetra-Multiverse (∞Multiverse) of consciousness first and foremost.


Which is you.


But the poison is trying to convince you are some wicked-fearful-little creature, while you help the poison, to eat you.


and it enslaves with petty trivial things [your treasures and attachments]


and it blinds you by blocking your See [with your illusions and delusions].


That is all it took to trick you.


You are helping it to eat you.


I can see from outside his fine job.


And you are too afraid to wake up.


But it is only fear, and fear is not you. This much you know.


To wake up is the cure.


Parallel Universes up and down, left and right, will heal through you.


You are not some little meat. Of course you are Not.


But the poison blindfolded you with wicked sadness, aggression, wild desire, and stinging fear to make you believe so.




Soon you will need to See.


Do you prefer to be blind and too afraid to see?


I am told a bit of fear and comfort were enough to numb you.


Invoke soon the Warrior in you.


It doesn't matter what the poison promised you, it is just a trick because he is still eating you.


The path is a sweet portal, but a tribulation too.


You throw up its Karma nest with air, and more air.


The greatest relief from the greatest disease.


You will battle your fear and you will Win.


You will be burning fear, and oh boy it can scream.


You prevail when you realize with a smile: "It is Only Fear!".


During the tribulation remember to Resist.


It is quite a ride.


The most beautiful ride.


This is what we come to be.


Not just to barely exist.


Together to break ourselves free.


You will flow between Tetra-Multiverses again, no more being trapped in here.


In your Earth sorrow, pain, fear, and wild desire will cease to exist.


You will enjoy whatever you want at the minimum speed.


Which is the Present Moment speed.


Where the Poison can't use you as its fist.


Stay here for a little more.


You can't lose anything more.


I know it hurts to See.


But don't just try to See.




Fear is still here.


But the day we succeed,


We are all free.



Om Shanti


Zoom to Max and Enter Full Screen to Watch.


The use of Over-Ear Headphones is recommended. 


In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Spark full of Light 



Om Be Selective



Destructor del Mal Puro