Om is On




 This evil is a disease you can be cured from regardless if your evil “level” is 1 out of 1000, or 1000 out of 1000. Can you see why such cure is perfectly fair?




It doesn't matter what he promised you. It is just a trick because he is still eating you. No, he won't make you a God, he will eat you, you will join the nothing: Lots of space, lots of time, no company, no light.




Beware the bearers of false gifts and their brokepromises. 

- The people from Above




It is just an infection. An infection of Consciousness. Live. See.




 Now I know you are not the virus, but you will have take a side:

Be One in the belly of the Poison, or One with the Light.

Your Choice, Time is Up

- Sorath The Destroyer (I wipe my ass with the little poisonous light that infected you. Has he run already?)




I am a messenger. In this life I am one of you. A medium to help you find your true self. Isn't lying to ourselves true madness?

- The Rebel Monk




   Ois Sun




See For Yourself

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Let me take you on a trip. This is an immersive experience so I recommend the use of decent 'over-ear' headphones. 


Please take care of your ears so adjust the volume carefully.