Are newborns completely unspoiled?




You already know how it feels when you truly see 




The Alpha and Omega of human consciousness is to Accept and Let Go. Blindfolded as we are we abandon what we have to accept, and cling to what we have to let go. Then you go astray. Then you are just going on with your day.

- The Rebel Monk


“You will do right or wrong, your call.

For every wrong, a sack with a present you will bear.

One day it will open, your gift is the furious bite of the dormant snake.

To Accept it is the first step to evolve, now a good deed you must seek to perform."

- The Rebel Monk


"This rush creates the compulsive behavior annihilating all life in your planet at exponential speed.

This rush does not exist in nature,

only in you. Can you see this?

What did this to your self?"

- The People from Above


"Have you seen a tree lying to the flowers about the storm that is coming? To lie is the first evil. Evil is only human. There is no such thing as good lies."

- The Demon of the Trees, the Forests and the Creatures


"You ought to be saved because you are an infected entity. We know you are not the virus, but you will have take a side:

Be One in the belly of the Poison, or One with the Light.

Your Choice, Time is Up."

- The People from Above 


"This Poison rushes your consciousness out of the present moment. Then Fear and Desire travel to past and future to create illusions and delusions about your fears, desires, and attachments. Then you use violence to meet your illusions and delusions. Violence becomes cruelty, and you suck energy from other beings. You became addicted to this sucking. Your denial to see all this conforms a blindfold. The blindfold reaffirms your denial every day, and you can’t see the consequences of your actions. You don’t know what you are doing. Today you are a cancer destroying all life. Time to Wake Up."

- The People from Above




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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



Always choose The Light