Are newborns completely unspoiled?




You already know how it feels when you truly see 




@12 minutes before ºOmega100 Didi and Om were texting to each other:


Didi : Mr. Om how did you knew who to kill in each wave?

Om : If they knew they did any of those Evils... then I knew. I was being just a spy. They were their own judges. o;)

Didi: Oh! so in the margin of error some people escaped their death?

Om: Oh no no no. I can see crystal clear inside each brain.


 Am I lying to myself if I only take selfies of my beautiful self? 

Why such wild obsession with the outer layer? 

To keep appearances? 

Why to do that at all?

Why are we lying to ourselves?

Isn't lying to yourself true hell?


The Alpha and Omega of human consciousness is to Accept and Let Go. Blindfolded as we are we abandon what we have to accept, and cling to what we have to let go. Then you go astray. Then you are just going on with your day.


This Poison rushes your fear to your crush. Like the encounter of the windshield and a mosquito.


The Last President: Why to do this now?

Om: In your mind and heart you knew this was the end of times. You have known this for quite some time


"Have you seen a tree lying to the flowers about the storm that is coming? To lie is the first evil. Evil is only human. There is no such thing as good lies."

- The Demon of the Trees, the Forests and the Creatures


Didi : What was your original plan?

Om : Plan 'A' was to kill all humans including their seed, their extinction. Plan B was to save 'All The Innocents', all the children, the only mom and dad they would have is me, and I would raise them without this Poison of consciousness. I will never call them 'it'.

Didi : Why did you change your mind?

Om : Along the process I saw people can change. I saved them from me. Now I am helping to cure themselves. 

Didi : Why not to save the killers and the torturers?

Om : When the Poison is so strong in you, it has already eaten you.



Feel For Yourself

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Let me take you on a trip. This is an immersive experience so I recommend the use of decent 'over-ear' headphones. 


Please take care of your ears so adjust the volume carefully. 



"Hey! don't worry, don't be afraid - ever - because... this is just a ride. " 

- Bill Hicks