To everything

that is, was, and will be...

Thank you!

because without you,

I am nothing. 



Special Thanks to: 

Bibi, Nina and Mona
Our big family and friends
My friends-teachers-colleagues at IDC
Native Instruments Maschine MK2, Komplete Ultimate, Komplete Audio 6 
Heavyocity Instruments & Effects
BeyerDynamics DT880 Pro, AKG K240 MKII, Yamaha HS8 Monitors 
CdBaby and HostBaby
Apple iMac, iPhone and GarageBand
Pixelmator - My favorite coloring tool
Master Services by David Parra (Mexico City)
James at IMP


I recommend the use of decent 'over-ear' headphones. 


Please take care of your ears so adjust the volume carefully.