All The Innocents


In a Parallel Universe Very Near You


3º Theta51


17. People all around the world gathered in plazas, parks, and streets, looking at the sky to pray to their Lords. Clinging desperately to their faiths and hopes. As it is known since the beginning of time, no prayers were answered by any Gods.

18. A newborn was coming out of her mother. The expert doctor receiving the baby was assisted by a diligent nurse. Encapsulated in a laboratory glass bubble, like if they were the vision of a crystal ball. Surrounding the scene scientists vigilant of their primitive tools and craft.

19. An alarm broke the thick silence. At the pristine head of the newborn a tiny insect was landing. The doctor and nurse unaware of it kept smiling. Someone yelled, “How does that got in here? It is a sealed environment!” The insect left almost immediately, and in the mouth of the newborn it vanished.

20. Barbara spoke calmly, “The insect is a cybernetic artifact 47 times smaller than the fruit fly. I have never seen such thing. We know it implanted a number of nanobots in the newborn's skin. We are completely sure of this. Then we lost track of them. We assume the nanobots contain the explosives running free through the blood stream, to later cling into the veins of the head. I suppose at the receipt of some external signal, they kill the brain.”

21. “What did you do to deactivate the nanobots?” the man replied.  “Doctor Cameron already tried. At some moment along the process the bomb went off. The baby girl died, and Doctor Cameron immediately after. We will need some time...” He interrupted her, “What time can you offer!?”

22. Barbara opened the door of the bathroom and got in. She put on her VR glasses to revive the scene, looking for more clues where a baby was killed. Crying her eyes out blaming herself for being weak. An incoming call entered her visual space, not giving her chance to wipe any tear. “Hello Barbara. We are the Guardians of Life. We have something to tell.”

23. The Guardians of Life initiated the fourth announcement to the world. Barbara could witness through her VR Glasses. “Hello humans. By the end of the next six hours we will put an end to 'Those who Killed the Paradise'… Love humans, in your final moments, Remember to Love.”

24. The worldwide transmission was over but The Guardians kept talking to Barbara. “Why can’t you let evolution run its course Barbie? Are you like a fearful creature clinging its claws into the passing walls of time? Let yourself go girl. Love. In your final days… Love”. Barbara removed the glasses with one furious pull and smashed them against the floor. Inside of them remained the word “Love”.



Om Shanti

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