The Sweet Portal and The Great Tribulation


6º Upsilon2


Kundalini Trance

41. Advanced Kundalini Pranayama becomes a free flow dance, that eventually becomes a trance , when a multitude of elements become integrated in a very special harmony: 

a. The pranayama components (inhale, contain, exhale, contain), 
b. The in-between breathing rhythm
c. The movements (Lion, Serpent, Dragon, Phoenix, Dancing Buddha, Sitting Buddha)
d. The build up of energy and the correspondent gentle flash (at inhaling and its contain) 
e. The slow exhale, the grab of karmas, the gag (retches), the expel of the venom, and the second new kind of lightning (at exhaling and its contain)
f. The suspension of breath

42. When this dance occurs the wisdom and intelligence of the process of Pranayama Kundalini will create a breathing rhythm that creates its own music and it is used in between inhales and its contains, and the exhales and its contains. The purpose of that rhythm - and its many different types of breathings - are a second form of build up of energy, and also a much needed recess from the cycles of inhales and exhales.
43. Advanced Kundalini Pranayama will transition strongly and swiftly between powerful inhales, powerful contains with air, powerful exhales, powerful contains without air, without recess. When a recess is needed, it uses this rhythmic breathings in between.
44. The total aim of this process is to reach out to karmas and evict them. Expel them without mercy or contemplation because while they leave they will seduce you not to. They will use all your weaknesses stored in your karmas against you. They do this to make you stop the process and go back to your existence of suffering so you can provide your quota of suffering for this venom of consciousness.
45. The Higher Self. Since the beginning of your Pranayama Kundalini you will slowly (day by day) reconnect with your higher self aka guardian angel. She or He will unveil plenty of truths for you. She or He will unveil your senses to their full potential and direct you to destroy the nest of evil which are all these karmas.
46. The Trip. Your Karmas will work together against your Kundalini Pranayama. They will create a trip of your mind for your mind. This trip is a group of illusions destined to interrupt, twist, and pervert your Kundalini Pranayama and the free flow dance at every point of the way. You can’t stop this trip, it is not possible. The only solution that exists is that you don’t engage to it. You look at it and disregard it by ignoring it. Try to never get hooked to it. If you got hooked, unhook as soon as you realize you are hooked.
47. This is a Great Tribulation and it is difficult because of the following factors: You exhale the venom and its karmas and while you do that you feel them. You built those karmas with your past actions so they are yours and their feelings are too. Since you are purifying yourself you feel the “total power of the cleanse” and that is tough. The Trip is a pain in the butt because it uses your inner demons and fears to try to deflect you. Our worst and only enemy is inside each one of us.
48. Kundalini Pranayama demands time, patience, plenty of energy, and the inner strength of the heart of a Warrior for Truth. Nothing less. I know you have all of them.



Om Shanti


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In the  Present Moment the Total of the Universe is Contained.



Observe your  Symmetry. Where two Multiverses made contact creating a spark.



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