All The Innocents


In a Parallel Universe Very Near You


5º Xi999

33. The voice of the Guardians of Life continued, “This is what a cancer does. It lacks the consciousness to stop, and devours all life. A cancer is reverse evolution because it destroys the creation and, you are its instrument. We are the top predator now. Should we treat you like you did with the Cow? or the Chicken? as you did with The Trees, The Forests, and The Creatures?” The transmission ended.

34. People around the world got together in an original idea of kindness and love. To wide open the doors of their homes. This was a good advice a little girl offer. If you die in the next wave, cats, dogs, birds, and other friends won’t be trapped by some door. Surviving humans can take whatever they want, we don’t bring anything to the next life.

35. “This is what we know so far: The first wave killed a few millions, the second a few hundreds of thousands, the fourth a few tens of thousands, and the third a few thousands. The fourth wave was surprisingly kind. No child has died, with the exception of our baby girl. The horror has been much worst than the number of corpses. If evil is only human, maybe evil is still an iota.” Barbara said to her tiny team of two young female analysts who adored her.

36. “Why don’t you stop?” Didi said to the blue sky projected in her VR glass believing the Guardians of Life could spy. “Am I the only one asking you to stop? please be kind to respond.” The elegant voice replied, “A total of 962,891,279 people have asked us this question.” Didi grabbed Goro’s arm who was looking at the same phony sky.

37. "Why don’t You stop?” the voice of the Guardians asked back.

38. “How many people are you talking to?” Didi asked. “At this moment we are in dialogue with 1,272,363,454 other humans.” The precision of these numbers was impossible to not mind. “What are you talking about?” she explored. “The vast majority want to understand why we are doing what we are doing, or either begging  or demanding us to stop.”

39. “Isn’t cruel to have all these people talking to the algorithm of a computer? The cruelty you say to condemn? That is the only way you could be talking to so many people at the same moment.” Goro inquired. 

40. The voice finally said: “The Guardians of Life is One. I am not human. I don’t know cruelty. I love Life… and my name is Om.”



Om Shanti

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